Covid-19: Important Update

April 8th 2020

A message for our clients, contacts and friends.

Dated: 23rd March 2020.

As we face these unprecedented times together, our first wish is the safeness and wellness of you and your families.

A note from the Directors of KBW:

We have taken measures to ensure the safety of our valuable employees by implementing remote working which has been in place since Monday 16th March 2020. Fortunately, our investment in technology and flexible working has enabled us to adhere to the current social distancing measures without interruption whilst still providing our full spectrum of services.

Site visits and meetings are still possible and will be reviewed on a case by case basis against our internal policies and external guidelines.

Please rest assured that we are continuing to review the advice and guidance on a daily basis to ensure the protection of everyone. We will update our working practices as and when it is appropriate to do so. We hope you have not experienced any issues so far in contacting us, but if this is not the case please let us know so we can address it.

Thank you for your continued support, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Richard Knightley, Nathan Brown, Steven Wood